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Ritek Excellent CompactFlash Card
Ritek CompactFlash Pro 80X
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Ritek CompactFlash Card is built to meet the security, capacity, performance and environmental requirements inherent in emerging image, video and audio consumer electronics devices. It features with high-speed 80X transfer speed, very low power consumption and automatic power saving, and is compatible with PC Card ATA standard.


High read / write performance
Complies with CompactFlashTM specification
Capacity: 1GB to 16GB
Very low power consumption and automatic power saving
Zero power data retention, batteries not needed
Compatible with PC Card ATA standard
Operation voltage: 5V/3.3V
Storage Temperature : -20°C - 70°C
Operation temperature: 0°C - 60°C
Minimum 100,000 erase cycles
Minimum 10,000 Insertions
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