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RIDATA MMC mobile 150X support both high-level mobile phones using 1.8V. Devices include, such as 3G mobile phones like NOKIA6630, 6680, 6681, 6682, N70 and N90 and traditional mobile phones using 3.3V. It is not only energy saving, its 150X high speed is also a perfect solution for the display delay of camera phones.


High transfer rate: 150X up to 22MB/s.
100% compatible with all digital cameras, MP3 players,
mobile phones, PDAs and other devices featuring MMC/SD card slot.
With high speed MMC Spec. V4.x, 3.3 Voltage on both MMC
plus and HSRS MMC.
Featuring high speed MMC Spec. V4.x and dual voltage for
1.8V/3.3V on MMC mobile.
Water proof and better reliability.
Be dependable storage from 256MB to 2GB on MMC plus.
Design to withstand rugged weather.
CE, FCC & VCCI certified.
Temperature humidity: 40°C/93%RH, 500hrs
High temperature storage : 85°C, 500hrs
Low temperature storage: -40°C, 168hrs
Temperature cycle: -40°C - 85°C. 500 cycles
Free fall test: 1.5m, 10 times
Pull/Plug test: 10,000 times
ESD : +/- 4KV(Coupling plane discharge)
ESD : +/- 15KV(Air discharge)
Agent line RS-MMC
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