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Get the most out of your Sony camera! Designed exclusively for professional photographers, this rugged card delivers best-in-class performance for the Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo format. Get the picture you're after each and every time, regardless of conditions.

Experience blazing-fast transfer speeds approximately 3 times faster than Memory Stick Pro Duo™ with the 8GB Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo™. This media card is the ideal solution for storing and transferring your video and still photos recorded on your compatible Handycam© camcorders and Cyber-shot© digital cameras.

Compatible chart


  • From 1 GB to 8 GB storage capacity
  • Designed to support read and write speeds of 30 Mbps on high speed enabled devices
  • Designed especially for professional-quality compact digital cameras and portable digital music devices
  • Adaptor available that allows compatibility with MemoryStick PRO™ media enabled devices
  • Compatible with any Sony device with PRO-HG Duo format


Memory Stick Interface (serial/4-bit parallel/8-bit parallel)
Maximum Read/Write Speed: 30 Mbps
Weight (Approx.): 0.07oz (2g)
Operating Temperature: -13° - 185° F (-10.56° - 85° C)

Available storage capacity of MemoryStick, MemoryStick PRO™, MemoryStick Duo™ and MemoryStick PRO Duo™ media may vary. A portion of the memory is used for data management functions. Actual available memory is: 32MB=30MB, 64MB=61MB, 128MB=123MB, 256MB=220MB, 512MB=460MB, 1GB=940MB, 2GB=1.85GB, and 4GB=3.66GB
Measured by Sony under optimized conditions. Speed varies by usage conditions and devices used, which requires compatibility with high-speed parallel data transfer interfaces.
Proper operation of MemoryStick Media with all devices is not guaranteed.
Transfer and playback of secured music on MemoryStick PRO Duo™ media (e.g. music purchased from online music services) is not currently possible. See www.sony.net/Products/mssupport/ for updated compatibility information. This media does support the playback of unsecured MP3 music files.