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Maximize the storage of your compact digital device with the MSX-M2GN High Speed MemoryStick PRO Duo™ media from Sony. With a massive total storage capacity of 2 gigabytes and an available capacity of 1.85 gygabytes1, it is perfect for storing photographs, video, and digital music files. Its high speed feature allows it to read and write data at speeds up to 80 megabits per second on enabled devices.

The MSX-M2GN is backwards compatible with many devices that use standard MemoryStick PRO Duo™ media. With the included MSAC-M2 adaptor it can be used with most products that support full-sized MemoryStick PRO™ media2. It's the perfect complement to your new digital camera, camcorder, or PSP™ Handheld Entertainment System.


  • From 2GB to 16GB storage capacity
  • Designed to support read and write speeds of 80 Mbps on high speed enabled devices
  • Operating temperature range of -13° F to 185° F allows greater durability
  • Backwards compatible with devices that use MemoryStick PRO Duo™ media3
  • Designed especially for professional-quality compact digital cameras and portable digital music devices
  • Adaptor available that allows compatibility with MemoryStick PRO™ media enabled devices


  • Interface: 10-pin Serial MemoryStickR Interface and 4-pin Parallel
  • Operating Voltage: 2.7V - 3.6V
  • Power Consumption (Parallel): 100 MA (Max.)
  • Power Consumption (Serial): 65 MA (Max.)
  • Maximum Read Speed: 80 Mbps
  • Maximum Write Speed: 80 Mbps
  • Dimensions (Approx.): 0.79" x 1.22" x 0.06" (20mm x 31mm x 1.6mm)
  • Weight (Approx.): 0.07oz (2g)
  • Operating Temperature: -13° - 185° F (-10.56° - 85° C)
  • Included Accessories: MSAC-M2 MemoryStick Duo Adapter and Storage Case
Available storage capacity of MemoryStickR, MemoryStick PRO™, MemoryStick Duo™ and MemoryStick PRO Duo™ media may vary. A portion of the memory is used for data management functions. Actual available memory is: 32MB=30MB, 64MB=61MB, 128MB=123MB, 256MB=220MB, 512MB=460MB, 1GB=940MB, 2GB=1.85GB, and 4GB=3.66GB
Measured by Sony under optimized conditions. Speed varies by usage conditions and devices used, which requires compatibility with high-speed parallel data transfer interfaces.
Proper operation of MemoryStickR Media with all devices is not guaranteed.
Transfer and playback of secured music on MemoryStick PRO Duo™ media (e.g. music purchased from online music services) is not currently possible. See www.sony.net/Products/mssupport/ for updated compatibility information. This media does support the playback of unsecured MP3 music files.